A great gift | Kansas City Family Photographer

Why did you have to wait so long to see this post (from when it was warm–hot, actually)?  Because I was worried that my world famous blog with all of its 2 subscribers would ruin the surprise for a woman in Iowa.  Ha!  Well, anyway, this woman got a very nice Christmas present from her kids, and now, I can finally blog about it!  These pictures will probably make you wish it was warm now 🙂  Enjoy!






  1. Emily-I am the woman from Iowa who received the WONDERFUL surprise! Thank you so much for photographing my children. You are a truly talented artist! You did an amazing job caputuring these shots! I will treasure them always!


  2. Love all the pictures of this beautiful group and they totally surprised my sister with them! She was so upset they didn’t ask her to go with them that weekend, your pictures made it all ok! 🙂 Great work!


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