It’s time I heed the advice of so many experienced mothers:  “Enjoy this time while they’re young.  It goes by so fast.”

I fully embrace the roles I have as a Christian, wife, mom, home educator, and photographer.  I really want to give each role 100% of me, but I’ve tried and found that it’s not possible.  I need two of me.  Ok, so I need 5 of me.  What world wants 5 of me?!?!  Yikes!

Anyway, I’ve been praying for months about slowing down Life in the Light some to take a breather, and it is hard!  I DO so love my job.  However, I must keep my priorities straight, and there is no question in my mind that my other roles must come before my business.  I will keep scheduling current clients that are wanting milestone sessions, and I will be shooting some personal projects.  But, I’ve decided to not take any new clients for the time being.

In in the spirit of enjoying kids while they’re young, I’ll share an image I just edited today.  It was taken almost a year ago.  Sadly, I’m a little behind on capturing my muses.  I love this one 🙂



  1. OMG….your children are adorable. (I know the very talented photography helps too – haha).
    You are a very wise woman. I can only imagine how hard this decision has been for you, and it’s very impressive to hear you followed the way God is leading you. Blessing will surely come your way and your children will be blessed with this time with you also. Thanks for sharing, Emily!


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