She’s Five

I can’t believe that I just typed that my girl is five.  I posted this just yesterday!  She’s 5 going on 17, and she’s my one kid that could move out of the house and survive.  I’m not ready for that though :).  She’s imaginative and inspiring.  We all adore her.

A fun collaboration on this fantasy image for her birthday party invite:

She’s now to the age where she wants to screen what I post of her on this blog ;).  There was one more adorable outtake I was planning to put in the set below of her pretending to interact with the pony, Princess Celestia.  But, she nixed it because it looked “too angry”.  See, really, she’s going on 17.





  1. Emily, these are wonderful photos of a little girl we know and love! She is so pretty and has such sweet expressions!!

    Arle Ann


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