Your life is beautiful. Let me show you.

Last year my personal goal in every bit of life was to simplify.  I won’t even try to list all the benefits that I’m beginning to reap through the process, but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is the ability to be present.  Present with my God, my family, even seemingly small things like eating and doing laundry!  Striving to find purpose in each moment is bringing me great joy.
I’ve discovered that this passion of relishing the beauty in my life is seeping into my personal photo projects, and I hope this passion is starting to show in images for my clients as well.  When you entrust me with your portraits, I will enter your life for a moment to show you that it is beautiful.  I want to help you create works of art–treasures that will help you relive today in decades to come.  I want to help you slow down and appreciate the shadows on your child’s face, the hairs on his legs, the way she holds her fingers just so.  I want to show you what your child’s arms look like behind your back when he gives you a bear hug.  I want to show you what your loved one’s face looks like just before he laughs out loud.  I want to give you something tangible that you can look at daily to remind you to be present in your life amid all life’s hustle and bustle.  I find my purpose in giving you reason to breathe daily and dwell on the important things.
I’m going to be making an effort to capture families in their element this year.  This means that I’d love to shoot your session in your home or someplace that is special to you.  If this sparks your interest–if you want this for your family, please let me know.
a quiet moment


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