Sleepy Beauty & her family | Johnson County Family Photographer

My husband has always called our little girl “Sleepy Beauty” instead of “Sleeping Beauty” when she’s sleepy.  I find that so cute!  Does anyone else say that?  Anyway, this family moved away last year, but was in town for a graduation.  They decided to do family pictures while they were here!  After a long graduation the night before and only 6 hours of sleep for this little 2-year-old, we asked her to be all sweet and cheerful for her pictures that morning!  I’d say she did a lovely job considering, and I think we got some really sweet snuggly ones.  Thank you so much for thinking of me while you were in town!  I miss you guys!

Love how she’s gripping her daddy’s collar 🙂

Grandma & Grandpa!

The whole family was up for this future nurse’s graduation. (She’s on the left.)  Congratulations!





  1. You were so patient taking our pictures. We appreciate your time to do so. Always look forward to seeing the end result. You do a great job!


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