Fresh Air | Olathe Child Photographer

I have a confession to make: I’m an over-shooter.  When that kid gives me that fantastic look, I squeeze my shutter repeatedly out of excitement!  Then I get home, upload the pictures and kick myself for having to decide between 10 images that are ever-so-slightly different.  So, my goal this year was to take fewer pictures!  Yup, strange, huh?  Well, along with that, I’ve been working on making each of those images more thought out–more purposeful.  Better.

To help with that goal, I’ve been shooting some film for some personal stuff.  Digital photography is wonderful for so many reasons, but through learning film I’ve learned to take a breath of fresh air, slow down, and create.  I’m loving it 🙂

I know these lollipops are kinda cliche, but I needed some color and something to contain my kiddos–plus, the kids loved it.




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