Kids these days | Overland Park Senior Photographer

I love getting to know my seniors during a shoot, and  I’m so amazed at the seniors that I’ve shot this year.  You always hear people say negatively, “what is this world coming to?” and, “kids these days…”  Well, I have to disagree.  My seniors have been thoughtful, well spoken, involved in helping others,  participants on foreign mission trips, and several have told me they want to go to college for careers that help others.  This senior was definitely on that list of extraordinary people.  She wants to be a pediatrician, and she volunteers every Monday at a soup kitchen in Westport.  I thought it was a great idea that she wanted to do part of her shoot there!  So gorgeous…




  1. What great pictures! Boy, take a GIFTED photographer and a BEAUTIFUL girl…..wham – fantastic pictures. I love seeing all of these – thanks for sharing!


  2. girl! absolutely stunning!!! drop dead gorgeous! ever thought of going into modeling?? 😉 but really – you are soo beautiful inside and out like lilly says and i am so blessed beyond words just to even call you a friend but a best friend is more than i can ask for! love ya gigi! 🙂


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