2011 Christmas Card Designs

Something special is in the air for the last part of 2011…I’m very excited to start offering shaped 5×7 cards!  These are fun and fancy, whimsical and memorable.  To introduce you to them, I’ve designed 2 new Christmas cards this year.  You can still get the previous years’ designs shown here and here in regular old rectangles, of course :P.  The shaped ones will cost a little more next year, but for the rest of the year I’m offering them on sale at the same price as the 5×7 rectangles!  That’s $55 for a set of 24 cards, front & back, with envelopes on gorgeous satin, matte, linen, watercolor or pearl paper.

Ok, so now everyone wants Christmas cards, right?!  Well, if you’ve had a session with me this year already, great!  Just contact me about ordering cards!  If you want to schedule a photo shoot for the fall, please contact me right away…spots are filling up!  Without further adieu, Life in the Light’s 2011 Christmas Card Designs…





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