Tall buildings & tall grass

Please allow me to introduce to you this lovely couple.  I’ve known her for a long time.  I haven’t known her REALLY well, but well enough to know that she’s one of those people you’d like to call your friend.  One of those people you’d like to share some laughs over a cup of coffee once a week on Tuesdays.   (Side note: She actually came to our wedding exactly a dozen years ago last Sunday. :))  Anyway, she’s gone and fallen for a true southern gentleman.  I’ve only known him for a very short time, but if I was a bettin’ person, I’d wager that everyone he meets he calls a friend.  I think he’ll be happy to know that I’m including a disclaimer* on the last picture.  I’m showing you lots because I want to, and well, just because.  I DO call the shots on this blog!  Enjoy!  And thanks, guys, for a super fun shoot!













*Disclaimer – Photographer insisted that Bride-to-be carry the basket below even though the GENTLEMAN protested that he should do it.




  1. I think this is a most wonderful God blessed relationship. You can see the beauty of their hearts as it shines through their eyes.


  2. Emily, These are so good. Thanks so much for suggesting that they bring along a quilt or blanket– that is so special to see my great-grandmas quilt in these pictures(as well as K and H)!


  3. I need to get engaged to Jeremy again so I can have beautiful pictures like these. Maybe it’s just the couple that’s in them that make them so beautiful. Great pictures of you both and the best of luck to you!


  4. Emily,

    Thanks so much for the great job of capturing the joy that K and H share. It is obvious that you have a bright future with your talent as a photographer. Looking forward to this beautiful gal becoming a member of our family. I am proud to be the mom of “the true southern gentleman”
    His dad and I appreciate your words. Again thanks for your beautiful work. Our canvas enlargement looks great in our home.


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