My cousin, Mary, is one of those people that always knows how people are related–I mean, what you call it.  “Second cousin once removed” and all that stuff.  I’ve always KINDA understood after she explained it to me (several hundred times, I’m sure), but I soon let those complicated cousin definitions mosey on out of my brain.

Well, this beautiful little baby girl came to Kansas from Tennessee with her mommy and grandmother to see her twin first cousins once removed graduate from high school.  I’m so glad her great aunt had the idea for a photo shoot because I got to meet these lovely ladies!  Now if you find these family relationships confusing as I once did, I suggest you read this.  I found it fun and fascinating, but I’m kinda geeky.  You might find it boring or mind-boggling 😉  Oh, but before you go off and read about cousins, be sure to look at the portraits of this adorable little lady first!










  1. These pics are precious! Words cannot express…tears just looking at them!Joan,you have waited this long i know my time will come too!Love ya’ll and miss you so much!


  2. This is the aunt that is so blessed to have so many beautiful women in my life. Granny would be smiling.


  3. Gorgeous grandbaby Joan!!!! Thanks for sharing these pics! ENJOY every moment you have with Lauren! She’ll be enrolling in JCS before you know it! She’s a DOLL!


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