My kids in the spring

As promised, here are some recent pictures of my Little Blessings that were a long time coming!  We just got back from visiting my husband’s family in Arkansas, and I was given grief for not posting enough pictures of my OWN kids!  (Yes, Terri, I’m talking about you.)  Anyway, I had this blog post all ready–except the words–to finish while we were on vacation, but I never once even connected to that ball and chain we call the Internet.  Yay!  Anyway, I love all of these and I’m trying to decide which of the first two to get printed BIG on canvas!  Enjoy!



This is so THEM right now:


My oldest walked in on this picture, and I ended up loving that he did:




And a little vintage processing to compliment the vintage trike that was their Memaw’s and her sisters’ when they were little girls.  Thanks for letting us borrow it, Rhonda!




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