Congrats Class of 2011!

Congratulations to all those seniors out there that are graduating this weekend!  It’s an exciting time, for sure.  Here are some pictures of my last 2011 senior.  We squeezed this session in just in the nick of time (my 5-year-old loves that phrase :))  Out with a bang, right?!  She’s smart, sweet, talented and gorgeous.  This first one is on my all time favorites list!
If you’re a 2012 senior and you want to have pictures done in the fall to avoid the last minute craziness of your senior year in the spring, let me know!



  1. Karlin!!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!! goodness!!!! my little sister is all gone and growned up..workin as a business woman, playing the violin out in the’re amazzzzzinggg!!!!


  2. I hope you know how rockin awesome these senior pics are- you kept it classy and look radiatingly beautiful! in the words of alden walker, “karlin, you look FAB!”
    i want a copy of one of them please!!!! these are just awesome!!!


  3. karlin plays
    in tall wheat fields
    filling the seeds
    with a song of her own
    she has come so far
    and will go on
    unwritten she is
    she plays her song.

    ode to beautiful karlin


  4. Well it’s time to finally tell you what we told you we would tell you when you are older…you were a child model. I know, I know…we should have told you years ago but we didn’t want it to go to your head but obviously you’ve figured out as apparent by your advanced modeling poses. 🙂
    YOU ARE GORGEOUS WOMAN!!!! sexy chick!


  5. Hey…is that the flower i made you for Christmas?! If it is, I feel honored that you felt it was beautiful enough to wear for senior pics. If it’s not, I want it back 😉 just teasing!

    I’ve shown your pictures to a bunch of my students. You should hear the amount of WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAs youre getting half way around the world. You’d be signing autographies if you were in Longhui right now. Basically you’re celebrity status. b.e.a.uuutiful! 🙂


  6. WOOHOOOOOO!O!!!!!!!! Congratulations Karlin!! This is so exciting I’m about to pee my pants!!!! Sorry we couldn’t make it. Heard you gave a great speech though. Can’t wait to see you and the fam in Thailand! Oh and the offer to head to lake powell still stands if you’re interested. Way to go!


  7. Thanks for doing such a great job on Karlin’s senior pictures–there are so many great shots it is hard to choose!


  8. Karlin! You are so gorgeous! Wow breath taking woman you are. Lots of congrats on graduating and doing so well in school. You are holding the violin so beautifully, I bet everyone around you was so stunned not just at the beautiful music you were playing but at that beautiful face. Love YOU!


  9. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous granddaughter. Congratulations on your graduation, violin and as a professional business woman. You are AWESOME!
    lOVE grandma


  10. These capture Karlin’s beauty inside and out! Sophisticated, understated, witty, with just a little sass. I live the violin one too! And the last picture looks like it belongs in a banana republic magazine! Way to go! Gorgeous.


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