Me and my Belly

So, yes, I’m getting big!  I thought it would be fun to post some maternity pictures of me.  I’m used to being behind the camera, so it feels sorta weird…  Thanks to my husband for helping me take these shots tonight!  I’m 31 weeks along now, and it’s sinking in that we’re getting close to being able to hold our new little one!  I’m ready 🙂

Now that you see how HUGE I really am, you’ll understand when I say that I’m now entering my maternity leave for this little one.  Sessions are getting hard–especially kid sessions when I attempt to get down on their level and chase them around–not so gracefully, I might add.  For those of you that are already booked…don’t worry…you’re in.  I also want to enjoy this summer with my TWO kids before the number jumps to THREE!  I’ll be taking it slow through the end of the year as well with prioroity given to prior clients with “milestone” shoots.  I’ve got several sessions to blog about still, and I’ve got some ideas for other posts.  So, hopefully, you can still get your “Life in the Light” blog fix through this time…HA!  Oh, and you bet I’ll have some of our sure-to-be sweet little one this fall!






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